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Meet Your Trainers - Jeff     and     Rocky Junior

Dogs are products of their environment, which includes events, experiences, other pets and, most importantly, people.  Millions of unwanted dogs are euthanized every year in our great nation, often due to behavioral problems that are entirely preventable with the right training and socialization in a puppy's primary socialization period (age 8 weeks to 20 weeks), as well as rectifiable after problems occur - as long as the dog's owner makes the right choice, which is to invest in the assistance of a competent, professional dog trainer.  Most importantly, that trainer should use only force-free, positive reinforcement training techniques, like we do.  Dog do not understand "discipline" or harsh treatment or the use of force.  These severely outdated methods may seem to make your dog compliant, but he's becoming that way because he fears you - which can and does lead to eventual aggression or other fear-based behaviors.  Millions of dogs have lost their lives because they wind up in shelters after being innefectively trained, not trained at all, or trained using harsh methods.  We do not want to see this happen to any dog, and we are here to make a difference, one dog, one life and one one owner at a time.


Professional Dog Trainers are often put into the awkward position of justifying their profession, because, let's face it, many dog owners consider themselves to be trainers.  They "know" their dog like no one else, which is most often true, but what they do lack is the keen, refined expertise of the professional dog trainer.  Experienced, knowledgeable trainers have often spent years being trained themselves, learning about canine behavior and how to properly and accurately interpret it, how to best apply positive reinforcement training to instill lasting, reliable, good canine behaviors while eliminating unwanted behaviors, and how to use desensitization and counter-conditioning to rectify "aggressive" behavior. 


The best, most valuable trainers educate their human clients, too, because it is a lack of knowledge and technique that leads to problems and frustration. If all dog owners were required to attend professional training with their dogs we would not have millions of dogs surrendered to animal shelters and rescue groups every year - this is something I am absolutely positive about.  In all honesty, I would love nothing more than to witness the end of America being a "throwaway dog" society, to never see the "free dog" ads and the legions of dogs dumped at shelters.  All life matters, and with the right kind of professional help any dog can become a great, well behaved citizen and a big part of our lives.


When you hire Rocky Junior and me you'll be shocked by how little you actually know about dogs and their behavior.  You'll learn how dogs think and learn, how to build incredible value to the dog-human relationship (as seen by your dog), how to instill focus, how to teach and ensure your dog retains preferrable behaviors, how to ensure harmony in multiple pet households and resolve conflict, and, most importantly, how to avoid unintentionally reinforcing a dog's unwanted behavior (I've yet to meet a dog owner who doesn't do this).  


Our dogs need positive, knowledgeable leaders in order to reach their potential - and we will teach you how to become your dog's absolute best friend and role model.  Dog owners who do the right thing - employing a pro to help - experience wonderful, virtually problem free lives with their dogs.  To me, there's nothing better than the company of an incredible dog, and we would love to help you achieve that success with your dog!

Dog Trainer Jeff Salter and Rocky - Rocky Junior's Dog Training Service Puyallup WA

         Rocky and Jeff, October 6, 2006

Rocky Junior and Jeff Salter of Rocky Junior's Dog Training Service Puyallup WA

   Rocky Junior and Jeff, July 31, 2011

           Jeff Salter, Professional Dog Trainer, 35 years of successful experience.

I am a lifelong animal lover.  I was the boy with the paper route who found and helped stray and sick cats and kittens, the kid who felt an unusual connection to and compassion for animals, particularly dogs and cats.  Over the years my love, compassion for, and connection to animals has only grown stronger and stronger.  All of the dogs and cats I have been fortunate to share life with have been rescues - I have never purchased a pet from a breeder, and never will.


"My dog doesn't listen to me."  I've heard this hundreds of times over the years.  It's an understandable stance I can emphathize with, since the majority of most dog owners do not speak dog - in other words, they do not have the ability to communicate with their dogs in ways dogs understand.  So, while it seems your dog doesn't listen, the truth is he does not understand.  I'm here to help you Speak Dog and develop the best relationship possible with your dog, using only modern, force-free, positive reinforcement techniques.


I absolutely, positively love dogs, and helping them and their humans achieve success in their lives and relationships. Dogs can truly be our best friends, possessing admirable traits many humans lack, while not being capable of many of the bad traits some humans display.  Dogs love us without condition, their loyalty is tremendous and they will do virtually anything to please us.  Words cannot express how much my life has been enriched by dogs, and how fulfilling dog training has been for me.  Training is my passion and life's work.


Whether you have a young puppy in its primary socialization period, an adult dog or even a dog with mild to severe behavioral issues, Rocky Junior and I would be more than happy to help you!

          Rocky Junior, Training Assistant, over 12 years of successful experience.


Rocky Junior could have easily wound up in a bad home - he was a Craigslist Puppy, offered FREE to anyone who would take him.  Thankfully, an alert rescue group volunteer spotted the ad and rescued both remaining puppies, one male, one female.  The pups, only 4 or 5 weeks old, were soon available for adoption.


I had spent four and a half months living under a black cloud of sadness after the death of my Rocky, but on July 31, 2011, I happened to meet the two rescued Rottweiler puppies.  Immediately I was smiling, full of joy and anticipation.  I held up the male puppy, looking him over, then told him, "Your name is Rocky Junior and I am adopting you right now, little buddy."  Rocky Junior was named in honor of my Rocky, of course, and I immediately began training the little guy to become my training assistant.


By 10 weeks of age, Rocky Junior was a highly focused, exceptionally well trained puppy, and not long after he began helping me train dogs, even serving as a non-reactive dog in counter-conditioning training to help dogs suffering from fear reactivity ("aggression") issues, great work that Rocky Junior continues to this day.


Sometimes I think Rocky Junior actually interprets and properly responds to canine behavior better than I do - he is absolutely amazing!  Rocky Junior is a great role model for dogs, inspires confidence and loves helping dogs and their owners learn.  Since we now do only private, in-home training, Rocky Junior doesn't work with me as often, but he is available to work with puppies, as well as do his incredible work with fearful / aggressive dogs.


Is THE Best

Investment You

Will Ever Make

In Your Dog


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